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Do you know xendera? This free, unique and easy-to-use application will revolutionize your everyday life! Indeed, the more you workout, the more you earn attractive vouchers from our brand partners! Just connect your favorite tracking application to automatically import your physical activities and TA-DAH, you gain great rewards from several big brands! This is the application to transform your goals into action.
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Xendera is compatible with the following applications:

Where there is a path, there is motivation. Find yours.

Create your account XENDERA and converts physical activities into attractive vouchers.

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Discover the application that will change your motivation and start by taking advantage of these attractive vouchers!

At xendera, we make it a point to satisfy you. For that, we offer multiple exclusive offerings with the most famous brands. Food, E-learning, Travel, Wellness, Sport, Culture, Adventures
Thanks to xendera, your daily life will only be improved.
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